Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Enough Said

I'm not sure what to say about this picture... I'm just glad that I had sense enough to take a picture of it knowing that at some point I would think it was funny!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jake's Weird?

So its my turn to tell you random things about me.
1) When I was six weeks old I had a hernia and had to go under the knife. I stayed over night in the hospital and had a woman roommate. Hope Kenna doesn't know about her?
2) I worked with a Funeral Director (mortition) for four years during my high school years. I did yard work, washed and waxed cars, yes even the hearst. Had the opportunity to take bodies to Casper Wyoming for Cremation. Good times!
3) My sophomore year in high school I went duck hunting with a friend every chance we got. While hunting we would shoot stray cats because they eat ducks and pheasants. One day I shot a cat that wasn't a stray as I found out around Christmas time. His name was Floppy Bob and the owner wanted to meet me but better then that he wanted me to crawl under a rock and stay their permanently. So needless to say my Wrestling Coach heard this story and my nickname became Floppy Bob.
4) I am a perfectionist and at times it scares and frustrates me. It helps out at work but I have to know when good is good.
5) I've never broken a bone in my body. I guess I'm no stunt double!
6) Kenna Bought me a watch on our wedding day and at first glance I didn't like at all. But after all these years it's my Favorite present she has ever bought me. I Love You Kenna!
I hope you all enjoyed this post. I have really enjoyed catching up with all of you on your blogs and look forward to more to come. Now its my turn to tag Scott W., Seth P., Chase P., Jason M., Dad B., Dad S., and Jason J.

'Tis the Season

Well it is that time of year once again to gather addresses for Christmas cards and such. It seems my address book is never updated with everyone (including ourselves) moving around so much! So I'm asking for your help! I would greatly appreciate if you could email your addresses to me at Thanks so Much!!