Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Our little Gracie turned 3 on Saturday. We had a lot of fun celebrating her big day. It's the first year she has really understood that it was her birthday and was telling everyone " It's my bertday!" We started the day by taking her out to breakfast at IHOP since she LOVES pancakes. When we are at home she'll eat 5 or 6 ...of course when we went to the restaurant she ate about 2 bites and spent the rest of the time trying to talk to all the people we were sitting next to! (we don't get out much!:) ) The best part was when they came out and sang Happy Birthday to her. We thought that she would love it but it kind of scared her to have all these strangers to come out of nowhere clapping and singing/yelling some strange chant/song! However, they gave her some ice cream and left and she kept talking about the people clapping at her for her "Bertday":) She thought it was pretty cool! After IHOP we went home to open presents . She got some great stuff (thanks everyone!) The only thing she had been asking for was a bike so she was pretty disappointed after opening all her presents and no bike, so when Jake brought it out you should have seen her was priceless! Showing that she is now 3!

She was just so excited to see her brand new "Retro Red Radio Flyer Trike"! So was Brynlee!

Taking Brynlee for a spin! Gracie never gets very far on it because she stops every few feet to ring the'll always know when she's comin!
Isn't she cute!
Eating her ice cream at IHOP...yes it was like 10am!
The only other thing Gracie asked for besides a bike was a race car cake...she thought this "Bertday tate" was pretty neat:)
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

On a second note, Jake and I happen to share our anniversary with Gracie's birthday. Since we don't ever get to do much celebratin' I at least wanted to tell my wonderful husband Happy Anniversary... it's been the best 6 years ever:) I love you!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So some of you may have noticed the ? added to the list of family members in our "blog title". I was curious to see how long it would take before someone noticed and commented about it, well it didn't take long...way to go Cinders, very observant! Yes, we are expecting baby number 3! We are very excited and a little nervous at the thought of having 3 kids 3 and under! The baby is due the day before Thanksgiving...I'll be interested to see when the baby actually comes since Gracie came a week over her due date and Brynlee came 3 weeks early! And I suppose it's very possible I'll be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital!

Friday, May 2, 2008

A Trip Home to Montana!

My Brother Tanner, who goes to BYU, was going back home for a week in between ending and starting semesters and I thought that it was the perfect opportunity for me and the girls to go and see my mom and dad and two sisters up in MT. So we hopped in the car with Tanner and drove the 10 plus hours. The drive to and from Billings was painfully long and I'm certain Tanner will never agree to be in the same car with us ever again (thanks for being a good sport Tanner!) but it was worth it! We spent 7 days playing, shopping , eating, chatting and being taken care of and super spoiled by my wonderful mom! Jake even surprised me and flew up Thursday night and stayed until Sunday! It was such a great week and I'm so glad we went! The only bad part about it is that I'm more home sick than ever and Gracie and Brynlee are constantly asking to go see "Gama and Papa" and " Toey and Mill" (Chloe and two sisters at home) Thanks for such a Wonderful week, we miss you guys!

I had some good intentions on taking lots of pictures while we were there...but of course I never thought to get the camera out! I did however snap a few when my mom took the girls to Build-A-Bear Workshop which was a lot of fun! (Sorry they are all out of order!)
Gracie "Bathing" her newly stuffed bear

Making a wish on the little heart they stick inside the bear

Brynlee putting some "makeup" on her bear

Stuffing the bear

Putting the heart in the bear

The finished product! Bella and Ellie Bear, poor Ellie has already lost a shoe! I think my mom and I had more fun picking out all the clothes and accessories...there was SO much to choose from!