Friday, March 18, 2011

Uhh Mom....Brynlee's stuck

While getting ready a few weeks ago Gracie came to me and said a little sheepishly and quite concerned, " uhh Mom...Brynlee's stuck." I asked where, not really wanting to know the answer, "the highchair" was Gracie's reply.  Well that's an easy fix... I headed to the kitchen to take the tray off and free Brynlee.  However, when I got to the kitchen and the highchair Brynlee was no where to be found!  Gracie then explained that Brynlee was stuck in the highchair downstairs.  You see for Christmas 2 years ago Jake built the girls a kitchen set complete with a highchair for their dolls.  In order to prevent this exact situation from occurring he rigged the chair so it was just big enough for a doll to fit but there was no way a kid could and then secured the tray nice and tight. Our plan didn't work...  

Apparently, it was big enough for Brynlee (with the help of Gracie coaxing her to do it) to just slide in, but not slide out!
After pulling, tugging, and tipping both Brynlee and the highchair I realized there was noway she was coming out the way she went in.  Brynlee was now panicing and I was a little myself!  We were going to have to rip off that tray.  I got a hammer and a crowbar thinking it would pop right off...wrong again!  While the highchair is a made of sturdy wood (it was a from Jake's grandpa's house that we cut the legs off and made into a doll chair) the tray was made of partical board and just chipped away when I tried to pry it off.  So after about 20 minutes of chipping away and and ruining this priceless piece, Brynlee was finally free and relieved...until I informed both her and Gracie that they were now in charge of cleaning every single teeny tiny piece of wood that was now left on the floor from chipping the tray away!