Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lydia's 3rd Birthday

   Our little Lydia Belle turned 3!  Oh how we love you Lydia!  I think Grandma Bennion put it best in your birthday card when she said we hope you never loose your Sparkle and Shine. However, I could do with a little less mischievousness!  You didn't take a day off even though it was your birthday.  You started bright and early by squirting toothpaste (poospaste in your language!) all over the bathroom towels.  While I cleaned up that lovely mess you got your self a drink from the fridge but filled the cup up a little to full.  You couldn't be bothered by dumping the excess out in the sink ( it was your birthday after all!) instead you just dumped it out on the kitchen floor and then continued the process of filling and dumping, filling and dumping until that just wasn't fun anymore and you left the mess for me to discover (at least my floor got cleaned that day!) and went on your merry way.  Later in the day I also discovered that you had helped with the laundry by placing an entire box of dryer sheets in the dryer! So helpful you are!!!
   When we asked you what you wanted for your birthday you always responded the same, "Purple flower burtday and thkirths  and thparkly shoeth!" (skirts and sparkly have a bit of a lisp, which I just love!)  We tried to give you some ideas of toys you might like but you stayed firm on your request of skirts and sparkly skirts and sparkly shoes is what you got along with a purple flower cake and some great presents from Grandma and Grandpa Smith and Grandma and Grandpa Bennion that you really did love!

We love you so much Lydia Belle and really do hope you never loose your Sparkle and Shine!!!