Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween of course started with the carving pumpkins.  This year all our pumpkins came out of our very own garden...unfortunately they're the only thing that came out of our garden!

 It wouldn't be Halloween if Jake didn't carve a Pumpkin!  Someone even asked for his card this year...maybe this could become a seasonal money maker! ha ha 

3 little Cupcakes...
 Apparently, clouds were moving in extremely fast behind me which was cause for concern from our weather conscious girls Gracie and Brynlee...Lydia on the other had no idea.
 We were able to convince them it was ok ...

 But we were wrong!  We should have been paying closer attention to those clouds because even though we were literally across the street and up 3 houses from our house we got caught in a hail storm that came on faster than I've ever seen. When it hit we ran for it.  Brynlee lost a shoe and of course thought she needed to stop, sit and put it on even though she was so terrified she could get it on!  We couldn't make it to our house so when we came to a fence we were able to smash the girls up against it and cover them as best we could.  I felt like a mother hen trying to get my babies under my wings, but my wings weren't big enough!  We thought it would pass as quickly as it came and even though we were getting drenched we were at least it a position where the girls (not Jake and I of course) weren't getting pelted by the hail, so we stayed put.  Unfortunately, it wasn't letting up so with the girls screaming, sure they were going to lose their lives, and Jake and I laughing hysterically at the situation we were in, Jake made a run for it to get the van.  The girls were now traumatized and had No desire to go trick-or-treating....until about 20 minutes later when the rain/hail stopped and we promised we'd take the van this time just in case.  

 We hit about 10 houses and man were they thrilled with the abundance of candy before them!!  Jake and I were laughing pretty hard and how much they were freaking out how much candy they got...we just went right along with it with our "WOW!"  "Holy Cow!"  "That's a TON!"  Some how in a few years I don't think those 10 pieces of candy are going to cut it!

I love that in Utah everyone just trick or treats on Saturday even when it's on Sunday, it's great!

After Church on Actual Halloween

Happy Halloween!