Thursday, October 29, 2009

Three Little Witches

My in laws bought a house near us that has a super cute little shed in the backyard.  They are going to be renting the house out for a few years before they move in.  Since renters were going to be moving in soon I had to get over there and take a few (ok a LOT!) of pictures of the girls since the shed was the perfect Halloween background!
Here are a few favorites...

This little girl is getting so big TOO fast!  She is even walking and has been for a good month!  This was very shocking to us since Gracie was 16 months and Brynlee 13 months before they started walking...Lydia took her first steps at 9 months!!!!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 Bennion Family Christmas Name Draw

Okay all you Doug and Cindy Benniooonee's!  It's that time of year to find out who you drew for Christmas!  After getting permission from Mom, I took it upon myself to do the drawing.  So, drum roll please.....  the 2009 Bennion Christmas Gift Exchange will go as follows:


Mom - Tanner
Dad - Brynlee
Chloe - Jenny
Camille - Jake

Kara - Lydia
Jason - Claire
Brianna - Mom
Emily - Derrik
Dallin - Chloe
Savannah - Kenna
Connor - Baby BOY Bennion

Krista - Savannah
Chase - Brianna
Tyler - Kara
Halle - Emily
Sophie - Gracie

Kenna - Camille
Jake - Jason
Gracie - Krista
Brynlee - Connor
Lydia - Tyler

Tanner - Halle
Jenny - Sophie
Baby BOY Bennion - Chase

Claire - Dallin
Derrik - Dad

So there you have it!  Let the ideas start flowing!  Remember the price limit, which I'm honestly not sure of but think it's between 0 and 10 dollars or something like that!  Please forgive me for any missed spelled (or wrong) names...I just heard through the grapevine about 5 minutes ago that Kara and Jason are going with Connor (So Cute!) but I'm not sure how they are spelling it...and Krista I never checked with you on how you are spelling Sophie (also So Cute!).  Leave a comment so I know everyone has gotten it.  Love you all!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Girls in the Hood

Well fall is officially here and the weather has officially changed.  I usually hate this part because all I can think about is the snow that is about to come and the confinement to the house that it will cause.  I'm trying to be better though and think positive, think about the good parts of a new a cute new wardrobe for my girls! (okay so I really wish that said cute new wardrobe for ME, but unless I get a cute new body combined with a cute new budget that just isn't going to happen, oh well!)  Grandma Smith gave these outfits to the girls on each of there birthdays, and they were so excited to have a day cold enough that they could wear them.  They were obsessed with the hoods and kept chasing Lydia around to put her hood up. Brynlee kept saying, "Mom, it's like a hood!"  Yep Brynlee, it's Exactly like a Hood!!!  Thanks Grandma for the cute outfits!