Monday, January 19, 2009

Sisters make the best friends

One of my favorite things to do lately is sneak up on Gracie and Brynlee while they are playing together and listen to the conversations they have. They play all day long together and are lost if the other one is not around. It was pretty difficult to have babies 15 months apart for about the first year or so but now it's so fun for them to have each other and dare I say worth it! (however, I don't see myself ever having kids that close again!) I just hope that when they are teenagers they will still be able to stand each other! Sisters really are the greatest, I know because I have 5, and I'm so grateful each of them. I'm just so glad that my girls get to have that sister bond too.
P.S. I also have 1 brother that I love dearly! I don't want to leave you out Tanner:)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lydia's Blessing

Here is our sweet Lydia in her blessing dress. Poor girl has definitely gotten the 3rd child shaft when it comes to taking pictures. I'm pretty sure we took at least 60 pictures when Gracie was blessed ( you know... getting her ready, one with mom, one with dad, one with mom and dad, one with grandma and grandpa, one with everyone there, just the Smith's, just the Bennion's, standing, sitting, smiling ect.) but we actually had to put Lydia back into her dress at the end of the day just to get a picture of her...sorry baby girl:( Any how she looked so cute and the blessing was beautiful. We were also so glad that we were able to have so many family members attend (something else we didn't get a picture of!)