Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring So Far

Spring so far started with Jake's birthday. He turned 34! Happy birthday Jake, you're the best!
Then we got some surprise visiters, the Tanner Family! We LOVE the Tanners! We met them while we were all living in Montana. At the time they had 4 kids and we had none. Now they have 6 and we have 3! We quickly became great friends and love any time we get to spend with them. Here are Brynlee and Gracie with Justin and Jayce... we've already planned the weddings!:)
You know you're good friends when someone will drive hours and hours and then as entertainment you can sit in the messy garage on camp chairs and watch the kids play!
I just had to put this picture of Jadan and Lydia, it was just too cute.
We've been enjoying the nice days that come here and there. Here are the girls having some fun with bubbles the Easter Bunny brought.

Speaking of Easter, we went up to Rexburg, ID for the Easter weekend. My sister Claire lives there with her hubby Derrik and my Mom, Dad, Chloe and Camille came down from Montana. We had lots of fun staying in a hotel, swimming, shopping, movie and conference watching and bowling! Unfortunately, my camera died after only getting a few bowling pictures. So this is all I have to document Easter!!

I had so get some pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses! As you can see No one was in the mood to take pictures, including me. This was after a long day of church on a fast Sunday, everyone is hungry and tired... can you tell?

Thanks for peeking:)