Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Fever

I don't think I've ever been so ready for spring to come. We've tried a few times to go play in the snow but between the snow being to deep for the girls to walk in and the mud underneath the snow (ugh I can't wail until we have grass!!!) making a HUGE mess we are pretty much stuck indoors:( So it was a nice treat to receive these springing flowers yesterday (they were suppose to come Valentines Day...long story!) from Jake! I find myself just staring at them imagining what warm dry weather feels like!:) Is anyone else ready for spring? What do you do to entertain your kids indoors... I'm out of ideas!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Milestones and Marshmallows

Well I'm sick of looking at my Valentine Dinner but don't have much to blog about so this is what I came up with! This is our cutie pie Brynlee who is in charge of the "milestones" portion of this post. I am happy to announce that Brynlee is officially a nursery goer and both she and I are very happy about it!:) She did fabulous, she took Gracie's hand and walked right in and didn't even flinch when we left her there. Truth be told it made me a little sad that she didn't care that I left:( but I guess I can't complain! This is the first time in over 2 and a half years that I've actually been able to sit and Listen in Relief Society and Sunday School! Yay!

As for the Marshmallows... you'll have to check out this link! I saw it on the Ellen show awhile back and I couldn't believe how hard I was laughing sitting there all by myself! So if you need a good laugh check it out!

Marshmallow Game

Okay so the link doesn't work...sorry! I can't seem to figure out how to put YouTube movies into my post...anyone know how? Anyways if you go to YouTube and put "funny Japanese game show - marshmallow eating" in the search box you'll be able to watch the video...it's pretty darn funny!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine Dinner

We had a yummy early Valentine Dinner on Sunday since my Brother Tanner was coming over. It was a lot of fun and my girls are still asking for pink rolls!:) What are your valentine plans?

Good Friends

Our good friends Mike and Julie Tanner called us Monday and surprised us by telling us they were in town! (they live in Boise, ID) We were so excited to see them and since Mike is turning 40 this weekend (holy cow old man!:)) we decided to throw him a little surprise birthday party. Thanks Mike and Julie...it was a blast, we miss you guys!!

Mike with his "old man" gifts

Monday, February 4, 2008

To Grandma's house we go!

Some of my best memories are from visiting my grandparents house so it's so fun to see my kids making some good memories of their own. They sure do have some of the Best Grandparents out there! Here are some pictures from our trip to Lander this past weekend to see Grandma and Grandpa Smith.

Brynlee sneaking some cookie dough

Valentine Cookies...YUM! The kids did the decorating of course!

Coloring cousins

My mother in law is an awesome cake decorator and made me this Birthday cake! Thanks Marlene!