Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brynlee is 2!

Our little Brynlee Mae turned 2 years old on the 10th of August. She is such a sweet little girl and we are so glad she is part of our family. We love you Brynlee!

Brynlee's latest obsession is horses so we made a "horsie" cake for her. Jake did some great "rope" work with the licorice! I wish I would have gotten a picture of him carefully cutting each piece just right, making tassels and everything!:) Of course Brynlee Loved it!Grandma Bennion sent this adorable tu tu and head band. Brynlee put in on and immediately started shakin her tushy:) It was great, thanks Grandma!
Jake's Grandma Crawford gave us this little doll crib a little while ago. It was a crib that Jake's Mom used to play with as a kid. I wish I had a before picture of it but Jake fixed it up, painted it and I made some bedding for it and it turned out really cute! I think it's so neat to be able to pass things done from on generation to the next.
Smith cousin's! It's so fun being close to family...thanks everyone for coming and for all the great gifts, we love you all!
Blowing out the Candle!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Reunions, Reunions, Reunions

I've heard people talked about how they hate going to family reunions, I on the other hand Live for them! I love being able to see all of my family members that I haven't seen in a long time and reminisce about old memories and make new memories as well. After each reunion I am even more grateful that families are forever! This summer we had 3 different family reunions all within about a month. It was a lot of traveling but so worth it!
The first reunion we attended was the Murdock reunion. We all got together to celebrate my mom's parents 65th wedding anniversary and my Grandpa Murdock's 90th birthday! This is them cutting their cake, aren't they cute!:) These two are some of the most special people in my life. They are such great examples and wonderful people, I'm so lucky to have them and Grandparents.Grandma and Grandpa with the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren that were able to be there that night. (Hard to believe this hardly makes a dent in all of my grandparents posterity!)

Brynlee enjoying some form of ice cream on a stick!

The Circle Game!
Only a true Murdock can appreciate the circle game!:)

The Talent Show
Gracie, Halle and Claire entertained everyone with a little "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" with a little help from their mom's me, my sister Krista and cousin Cindy
After the Murdock reunion we said goodbye to Jake for a week and hopped in the car with my parents and spent some time up in Billings. It was so much fun since Krista and her family were there and even better when Kara decided on a whim to fly up with 2 of her little ones and join the fun. We had a great time swimming, going to the zoo, shopping and doing a lot of chit chat! I didn't get many pictures on the trip but here are a few at the Montana Zoo.
There is a peacock that just roams free around the zoo, Gracie was pretty curious and got pretty close.
After our trip to Billings we headed to the Smith Family reunion in Lander Wyoming. We took one day and went to Martin's cove. The kids were even able to ride in a handcart and pull one too (at least long enough to take a picture!). It was a really neat experience to walk the trails the pioneers walked and to feel the spirit there.
Jake's dad Paul is in a little reinactment of the war before the firework show over the 4th of July each year. It's fun to see him all dressed up and ready for battle!
Gracie and her cousin Marin waiting to the fireworks to begin. Lander puts on the Best firework show I've ever seen or heard of, it's so fun to go a watch!
The Smith Cousins and Jake watching the 4th of July Parade! We all have to laugh because each year there is a float that hands out free beer to the crowd. Tons of people flock to that float and follow it down the road to get their share...only in Wyoming!

After the Smith Reunion we went to the Bennion Reunion. It was also a lot of fun. We spent some time on temple square, swam at the pool, went to Lagoon and had our annual Bennion Tennis Classic. Unfortunately, despite our efforts Krista and Chase took the trophy for the 2nd year in a row and Jake and I had to settle for 2nd:( We'll be ready next year!

The Bennion cousins on temple square (minus Kara's youngest Savannah who was sleeping)

All of us!

Just the Smith's

It was great to be able to spend some time with Jenny, Tanner's fiance. She is so great and we are so excited to have her in our family!

Gracie and Brynlee loved going on all the rides at Lagoon
Well it seems like the summer is just flying by and it was sad to say goodbye to all of our families but we are so grateful for the time we were able to spend with all of them and hope to seem them all again soon!