Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's a.....

Girl!  Of course it's a girl...a boy wouldn't make any sense in this house!  When the ultrasound tech finally got a shot (she is VERY modest...we like that!) and we saw what we know to be a girl I had an odd mix of emotions.  I was shocked and yet so unsurprised at the same time...why would we have anything but a girl?!?  We are so excited to have another girl.  We can't imagine what a 4th will look like!  I would be lying however if I said the teenage years don't scare me!!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well I'm sure everyone that ever looks at our blog is already well aware of this but on the off chance that someone besides my mom ever takes a peek I thought I'd announce that Baby #4 is on its way!!  We are very excited and are finding out the gender take the poll and weigh in on what you think it might be!  So far Gracie is the only one that says it's a girl (however, in my heart of hearts I really do think it will be a girl:) )  We of course will be happy either way, healthy is all we are hoping for!  And since Blog are no fun without pictures here are our current cuties right after they were born...I think it's safe to say what ever this new baby is (boy or girl) it will be short, bald and chubby...thats how we like 'em!