Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Day of School 2010

We had such a great summer!  So great and so filled with fun family visits and more pictures than you could imagine that blogging about it all is a little overwhelming!  So for now we'll skip ahead and get caught up with what is going on now....School!  Brynlee started her first year of Preschool and is loving it.  She feels like such a big kid, especially when she gets to do bad that won't last!  When she got home after the first day I asked her if the wanted to have a snack and watch a show on T.V., her response was, "No thanks Mom, I've got SO much work to do.  I need to get my homework done first!"  WOW!  I hope she has such work ethic when she's 15!  
The day after Brynlee's first day of preschool, Gracie started Kindergarten!  I know I can hardly believe it!  She was so excited for the big day.  We walked to school with her friend Riley who out of pure luck ended up in her class.  The 2 girls skipped along while me and Riley's mom and my good friend blubbered about how my oldest and her youngest were about to enter the real world!  
I was so worried I was going to get emotional and make a blubbering fool out of myself, however, when I tried to leave Lydia and Brynlee waiting out in the hall while I quickly said one last goodbye to Gracie they both through a gigantic fit.  So, quite embarrassed we rushed out of there without any tears shed...of my own tears anyways.  Of course we won't talk about how I cried all the way home after picking up Gracie the 3rd day of school and witnessed a boy as big as me grab a girl by her shirt and shove her into the wall...homeschool was not sounding as radical as it used to. :(  Don't worry Grandma, her school is safe and I Love, Love, Love her teacher!  I suppose they have to go out into the world sometime, but sometimes I sure wish I could keep them in my little bubble!