Sunday, September 30, 2007

Staying in touch

I've come to appreciate the internet more than ever. We recently moved away from friends and family in Montana and started a new chapter in life here is Utah. Staying in touch with everyone via the internet has certainly made the transition much easier! So I'm now entering the world of blogging in hopes to stay in touch, wish me luck!!


Ashley said...

Yay Kenna! So glad you joined the blogging bandwagon. This is even more addicting than facebook. I'm going to add you do my list on our blog, ours is
Your hair is way cute!

krista said...

Yo Kamerna, love the blog, soo cute:) Yes I did get a whole bunch of front bangs. I loved the girl who cut them. She cut some at first and they were lookin way cute, so I was brave and said lets do a few more, and somehow they just ended up shorter, but I think they will be cute once they grow a little. I feel a little like Jim Carey on Dumb and Dumber:) So you'll have to wait for the pic. We were supposed to do fam pics on Sat. (in 2 days) but I think I'm gonna reschedule till I can really figure out the whole bang situation:) talk to you soon!