Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 Bennion Family Christmas Name Draw

Okay all you Doug and Cindy Benniooonee's!  It's that time of year to find out who you drew for Christmas!  After getting permission from Mom, I took it upon myself to do the drawing.  So, drum roll please.....  the 2009 Bennion Christmas Gift Exchange will go as follows:


Mom - Tanner
Dad - Brynlee
Chloe - Jenny
Camille - Jake

Kara - Lydia
Jason - Claire
Brianna - Mom
Emily - Derrik
Dallin - Chloe
Savannah - Kenna
Connor - Baby BOY Bennion

Krista - Savannah
Chase - Brianna
Tyler - Kara
Halle - Emily
Sophie - Gracie

Kenna - Camille
Jake - Jason
Gracie - Krista
Brynlee - Connor
Lydia - Tyler

Tanner - Halle
Jenny - Sophie
Baby BOY Bennion - Chase

Claire - Dallin
Derrik - Dad

So there you have it!  Let the ideas start flowing!  Remember the price limit, which I'm honestly not sure of but think it's between 0 and 10 dollars or something like that!  Please forgive me for any missed spelled (or wrong) names...I just heard through the grapevine about 5 minutes ago that Kara and Jason are going with Connor (So Cute!) but I'm not sure how they are spelling it...and Krista I never checked with you on how you are spelling Sophie (also So Cute!).  Leave a comment so I know everyone has gotten it.  Love you all!!!


krista said...

Go Kenna! Thanks for getting that done, I've thought a few times that we should get those names drawn. I just had to tee hee a little when I saw that Derrik had gotten Dad, just because I remember being kids and somebody would be crying because they got Dad, but Dad we LOVE you and you deserve the coolest present so good luck Derrik:)ha ha Good job Kenna!

Derrik and Claire said...

ha, I have to admit, I had a sigh of relief when I saw I drew Dallin, then I remembered that I'm attached to someone else now, which basically means I have to be in charge of two presents, and I too had to "hee" when I saw that Derrik drew Dad:) Don't worry, I dont think Derrik will cry to hard when I tell him.

I also just heard through the grapevine about Connor/Conner Douglas? From Tanner who is having a BOY! Wahoo! Such cute new babies/baby names, I love Sophie's name.

Ok I'm basically sitting here typing acting like I'm talking to all our family sitting in the living room and just realized maybe no one will even read this...

ha, Love ya Kenna, Thanks for posting! We will get on it!

Kenna said...

ha ha! I thought it very fitting that Derrik be initiated into the family by drawing Dad's name! However, now along with Dad, the Brother in laws and Tanner aren't exactly a piece of cake... I've yet to see anything at the Super Saturday that any of them would like!!

Lynie said...

Ummmmm....I didn't see my name on the list! How are you? We are still in Sheridan where winter has decided to come a bit early! Talk to you later. Lyn

Ben and Cindy Spratling said...

Yay for all the Bennion babies! I didn't know Tanner and Jenny were expecting. So exciting! I love the names so far. And you know how I am... I'm a name stealer, so watch out! I'll try to restrain myself from stealing any more Bennion names.
I am laughing inside while reading the family banter. So similar to ours. We Merrells and Bennions always did have things in common. Well, good luck with the Christmas gifts. We have a rule that our gifts have to be homemade (do you guys?) so sometimes it gets tricky. Love you!

Bryce and Jamie said...

It makes me so happy to see Murdock family traditions!! Like Cindy, I love all the Bennion names! I'm sorry, but I do plan on stealing some of them. You all just have great taste in names! :)