Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Christmas Part 2...Hey, better late than never!

Yes, I know it's March!!! I do have a good excuse... somehow all (by all I mean every digital picture we've ever taken!) our pictures disappeared from our computer! It was not a good feeling! However, my Brother in law saved the day and found them...they had been moved probably by some click happy girls trying to find their "puter games"! But all is well, we have them all back and now for Christmas Part 2!!

We headed up to Billings to be with the entire Bennion Clan!! We don't ALL get together very often so I was so excited to be able to spend sometime with everyone. We all joked in the days leading up to everyone's arrival that with that many people and especially that many kids gathering in one place for several days, people were going to get sick!!! Boy were we Right! I think 20 of the 24 people got the throw ups... our kids got it twice, Gracie had croup, and Lydia, we found out after coming back home, had a horrendous double ear infection!!! Needless to say Motrin and hand sanatizer was in high demand at the Bennion household! My favorite quote, "It's like it doesn't matter how hard you try or how much you sanatize, it's in the air!" - Chloe, referring to the fact that there was no avoiding the inevitable sickness. Even my dad and Jake got sick, seeing how I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen either of these men get sick, it's saying a lot!! Despite the fact that everyone had a designated "throw up bowl", 1/2 the people were on the verge of passing out during our family picture, and we may never want see each other on Christmas ever again, we DID have a GOOD time. Proving that you can do anything when you're surrounded by the people you love!:)

The night we arrived Santa did too! Bringing Christmas Jammies for all!

It wouldn't be Christmas Eve without the Nativity... which has been officially passed to the grandkids!
Christmas Morning... is there anything better?!!!
Walking ponies, princess dress ups, zhu zhu pets and More!

While we were there my 2 older sisters blessed their babies. Aren't Connor and Sophie precious!
Grandma Bennion got all the grandkids Christmas outfits ... matching of course!


Male bonding
Well there you have it, Christmas part 2! By the way Happy St. Patricks Day!


Derrik and Claire said...

Ya know, the sickness will always make that Christmas memorable. It was the best flu I've ever had, hardly even noticed I was sick, cuz I was laughing at how many people were throwing up in unison. I'm so glad you got your pictures back! I love seeing pictures you take of your family etc!

karajason said...

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry while I was reading your post! I ended up just laughing so hard I cried! I miss everybody so much. I would get sick all over again just to see everyone. I'm soooo glad you got your pics back. Love ya

Jenny said...

That was a pretty good Christmas. I don't think I'll ever forget my first Bennion Christmas!I loved your pictures too. I'm so glad you got them back!!

Peggy Merrell said...

Kenna, so glad to see your recent post about The Bennion Christmas! What fun you must have all had (in spite of the bug you all got)! Why is "the throw-up bowl" so funny ??? I just laughed out loud when I read about everyone having their own! I am sorry that you all got sick, though! The matching dresses are so darling. Your girls are so sweet! Wish we could see them for ourselves!

Natalee said...

Oh my gosh it truly IS the BENNION Curse! We get the "throw-ups" every flippin time we all get together at my Mom's. Guess it isn't going home unless you are all throwing up together! :)

The Bennions said...

The family that throws up together, stays together!!
Loved your post Kenna. We just got back the official "family picture"---let's just say it's pretty evident that death and destruction had visited our home!! I'd do it all again in a heart beat (but then, I don't have little kids anymore!!) Love you all, mom

krista said...

Oh Kenna, that was a good one!! SOOO glad you got your pics back!! WE are really missing everyone. I hope you had a fun time with mom dad and everyone over easter!!! And holy cow, you know my kids birthdays better than I do!! I totally wrote the 31st and it is on the 30th ha ha ha, I'm going to have to go back and change that!!! I'm going to have to check back through a few emails to find that website, but I will find it for you, and I could talk you through the flower things too you will be so surprised at how so easy they are!!!!! WE sure love ya, and we'd get together again, even if it meant throwing up:)

Duane and Mary said...

What fun it is to look at your blog and keep up with the things you are doing. You have such darling children and take some really cute pictures. So sorry that your Christmas visit was that "eventful"! I'm with Peggy...the throw-up bowl has been carried down a couple or three generations..Ha! I still remember the old white enamel bowl with black chips showing through that was used in Grandma Murdock's household...yuck!!! Keep posting!Love you, Aunt Mary