Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bennion Family Christmas Name Draw 2010

Yes, I do realize we haven't even celebrated Halloween yet but for my own selfish reasons ( I needed to know what Super Saturday projects to sign up for!) I've once again taken over the Annual Bennion Family Christmas Name Draw!  Here are the results...

Giver- Reciever

Dad- Lydia
Mom- Gracie
Chloe- Dad :)
Camille- Connor

Kara- Sophie
Jason- Jenny
Brianna- Brynlee
Emily- Kenna
Dallin- Chase
Savannah- Tyler
Connor- Claire

Krista- Chloe
Chase- Savannah
Tyler- Tanner
Halle- Camille
Sophie- Brianna

Kenna- Halle
Jake- Derrik
Gracie- Krista
Brynlee- Emily
Lydia- Baby Girl Jones

Tanner- Mom
Jenny- Jason
Liam- Dallin

Claire- Liam
Baby Girl Jones- Kara

Well there you have it.  Chloe it's your lucky year!  Love you all and leave a comment so I know you saw it!  Happy Gifting!


The Bennions said...

Kenna, Thanks for doing the name "draw"!! I'm still laughing at the smiley face next to Chloe's name! Better luck next year Chloe!! Wonder if she burst into tears?? mom

karajason said...

Thanks Kenna! I was thinking the same thing. Always good to get an early start!

The Bennions said...

haha! oh chloe! sucka! looks like you're gonna need to go tie shopping ;) i can't wait for christmas! love you guys!

Chloe said...

ok this is chloe...any ideas on what to get dad??? cuz the only thing i can think of that he would actually want is like a new mac or something and thats just not happening haha!

Derrik and Claire said...

I'm happy with the way this years draw panned out- Chloe good luck on the new mac:) Thanks Kenna!

Kenna said...

Come on Chole it's not that hard... BYU-I tshirt!

The Bennions said...

OK you all are going to make me feel bad! I am the easiest one to buy for. Chloe I will just take your mac lap top and call it good. I will say it is getting better. I don't think Chloe started to cry this year.

Love you all

Jenny and Tanner said...

Well, Chloe, I'm just glad it's not me. But Jason? Oh, dear we'll have to get some advice on that one... :)

Kenna said...

Yeah Jenny I think maybe the brother in laws are right up there with Dad, if not more difficult! There just isn't ever anything at the Super Saturday to make for the Guys!:)

krista said...

How have I not seen this name draw earlier??? Way to go Kenna! Really dad used to be the hard one, but now I second that it's the brother in laws (love ya all to pieces), but I secretly went "YES" when I saw who we picked:)