Monday, July 18, 2011

Hattie's first bath

Hattie doesn't like baths, which is weird since all of my other girls loved their baths!!  I didn't get any pictures of her actual getting's difficult to take a picture and give a bath to a screaming baby at the same time!  Here she is all calmed down and snuggled in her warm towel.

 This little Miss Lydia may be the death of me...she is quite the stinker and is always getting into everything!  This time it was the baby lotion!  

All clean and dressed, there's not much that is better than a freshly cleaned and lotioned baby!


Derrik and Claire said...

yes, nothing better! Oh she is so tiny! I can't wait to snuggle up to her! And little Lydia, ha ha! Just the thought of her little personality getting into everything makes me laugh.. that little busy body of a girl! She is adorable!

MegRich said...

Agreed! And Kenna, she is such a pretty little baby. Oh Lydia- the little stinker. Ty did that recently, but instead decided to "paint" on the kitchen floor with Bennett's bath soap. At least it wasn't the carpet. Isn't motherhood great!?