Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brynlee is 5!

 Brynlee turned 5 this month!  Her Birthday landed on a Wednesday and we planned a "friend" party for the next Saturday so her "real" birthday was spent with the family.  I told her we could do whatever she wanted, a dangerous thing to tell a 5 year old!  However, her requests ended up being quite easy to fulfill.  A backyard lunch of Mac N' Cheese, a movie for quiet time, decorating the house with streamers,  and dinner at the Pizza Factory (they make a special breadstick in the shape of the number of years old you are on your birthday!)  After dinner she opened her presents from us and Grandma and Grandpa.

 Then Saturday Finally came!!  This was Brynlee's first "friend" party and she was pretty excited.  She decided she wanted a Hello Kitty party, so a Hello Kitty party is what she got...and if I never see Hello Kitty again I would be just fine with that!!!!

The cake
 The Decor

 Brynlee and her guests enjoyed a lunch of Nutella and Bannana and Nutella and Strawberry Jam sandwiches cut in the shape of flowers, strawberries, watermellon, strawberry jello, and popcorn.

The Games

Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty
 Pass the Present

The Guests

 Doesn't Hattie look thrilled!

Happy Birthday Brynlee, we sure love you!!!!!


Jenny & Tanner said...

Happy Birthday to Brynlee! Once again the party and your girls are adorable!! I love reading your posts and especially seeing your pictures. WE're so glad we got to see all of you last week and miss you already!

Lacee DeG said...

Hey sweet Kenna!! Found your blog on FB..hope you don't mind a stalker :) Hattie is so precious. You are the best little mommy, ever! Can't wait to see you again!!