Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pictures for Grandma and Grandpa

This is a post especially for Grandma and Grandpa! Here are a few pictures of the girls since we've been in Utah. We miss and Love you very much!!
After having baths one night we hear a "thud" in the bathroom and ran to see what had happened... this is what we found, Gracie fully clothed playing in the water!
Brynlee playing with some bubbles dad gave her while he was washing dishes. Apparently they taste good!
Saturday morning cartoons in Mom and Dad's bed. I think Gracie has inherited the "Bennion do":)
Going for a bike Ride
We thought Gracie was playing with some toys in her room until she came down the hall looking like this. For some reason she didn't feel pants were necessary but my shoes were a must!
Brynlee loves bubble baths!

Finding and throwing rocks
We went to the labor day luau at Thanksgiving point, the girls thought it was all pretty neat!


April said...

Those pictures are so cute!!

Ben and Cindy Spratling said...

yay, welcome to blogging. Careful, it's addicting. But it's so fun to see what everyone is up to. Thanks for commenting on our blog, it makes me feel popular. And YES YES YES, it IS time for a reunion. If you are feeling ambitious, you could come up to Carey for Diane and Dar's "farewell" on Oct. 21st. But we really should come visit you guys. We used to go to Utah all the time, it's time for another visit.

Ashley said...

Your girls are adorable! I love the one of Gracie in the tub fully clothed! Rylee has tried to do that a time or two. Cute cute!

krista said...

Hey kenna, seeing those pics of the girls made me miss them so bad! Was that Brynlee I saw standing in the hall, is she walking? They are so stinking cute I just wish I could grab them right out of the computer:) We are going to be home from like Dec. 8thish to Dec. 31stish, but inbetween this time we will be going up to fairfield as well, I'll let you know soon! We would love to see you guys!!!!!!

S&J Jones Family said...

Oh, I love your page, it's so girly and cute! How are you guys? It's kind of funny to be finding everyone on facebook, myspace, blogspot...we are all following each other around! Cute pictures! Your girls are adorable.