Monday, October 29, 2007

Tag... Your it!

I guess I'm "it"! I get to share 6 quirky, interesting, uninteresting, weird, silly, or whatever you want to call them, things about myself. So here I go!
1. I'm a complete scaredy cat. I HATE scary movies or scary movie previews for that matter! I can't even watch Law and Order without being paranoid the next day that something bad is going to happen to me. When I was younger I would pretend that I was sick and make my mom or dad come pick me up if anyone started telling ghost stories. I guess I just have a Wild imagination!
2. When I was 12 I had eye surgery to correct a problem... however it created another problem, when ever I look to the side I see double!
3. Like Krista, I'm a crier. All I have to do is see someone else crying and it gets me going. I also "cry" when I laugh and I don't even have to be laughing hard, and also when the sun in bright... I guess I must have overproductive tear ducts!:)
4. In high school I went on a 30 mile backpacking trip with all of the scouts in our ward. My dad was the bishop at the time so he was there to supervise. Looking back on it I bet all those boys were probably annoyed that I was there. I had fun though and I'd like to do it again, this time with Jake.
5. I absolutely hate raw onions or mustard.
6. I tied for 3rd place with my little sister Claire in the "Santaquin Orchard Days" 5K race this summer. We even got a medal to share (Claire let me keep it though!) it is the only medal I ever won in my entire life!:)

Well there you go I hope you enjoyed it:) Now I'm tagging Chloe, Camille, Mom, April S, Cindy C., and Jake S:) Have Fun!!


Bethany said...

Kenna, there were some things on there that I didn't know about you. I didn't knoe you won a medal in the race. Good for you! Now you have one more medal than me. :) I cry when I laugh too and it's super annoying, don't ya think?

LAUREN said...

Kenna! This is Lauren (White) Shumway. Emily and Jillian's cousin! How are you? I have a blog, too! Email at so we can catch up!

Ashley said...

Yay for tags, I do remember your crying eyes when you laugh! I didn't know you went on the scout backpacking trip, you got all the perks being the bishops daughter :) I saw they started a blog, that is great! I'm working on my parents to do the same!

krista said...

Kenna, way to go, I didn't know there was a medal involved in this race!!! So fun to hear about all of your quirks:)

Marlene said...

Good for you getting a medal!! That is so cool. The only geeky medals I got were for bowling, but that was before girls were really competing in any sports in high school. The girls looked so cute in their costumes with their custom hair decorations!! Thanks for telling us about this blogspot so we can keep up on the girls between visits. They are growing up so fast and changing all the time. Brynlee has grown up into a little girl instead of a baby all of a sudden! She is so cute. So is Gracie. She has the same innocent look on her face that Jake used to have when he was that age. People didn't understand how he could be naughty when he looked so cute and innocent!! She just doesn't look like she would do anything naughty! Yuh, right! Just keep being the great mom that you are!! :) We love you guys.