Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Point

Since I didn't think to take any pictures over thanksgiving I thought I post some pictures of our trip to Thanksgiving Point the week before! My brother in law works there and has so graciously gotten us a membership passes, which is fabulous! Thanks John!This is at the Dinosaur Museum at the sand and water table. Brynlee thought is was really fun the flip the sand everywhere. Needless to say both she and Jake had sand from head to toe!
Gracie with her Cousin Marin. I'm pretty sure we could have stayed there all day and the kids would have been happy.
Behind bars in Farm Country!
I had never actually seen a white goose before... and it was Huge! You can see by my dorky smile I thought it was neat:)
The pony ride... despite her look in the picture Gracie really did like this part
A very friendly cow!
Notice Gracie running away... she really thought the animals were cool until the calf "mooed" at her when she was about 2 inches from it's face... I guess I don't blame her the "moo" was quite loud and unexpected!
Brynlee on the other hand never got sick of the animals. I wish we had video camera with us. Everytime we got close to an animals she'd get almost gidy but a little nervous at the same time which resulted in this funny dance and odd squeal!

It was a fun night and I'm sure we'll be back soon!


Bennions said...

aaahh! how cute! we sure do miss having you guys here. those pictures are so cute. its definitely disappointing when you cant reach through the screen and give them a big bear hug!

Cindy said...

Soo fun, give me a call sometime and we can go together! How did you get your blog looking so cute? Do share.

April said...

Those are GREAT pictures! I love that place! You look so cute in that picture with your kids! I bet the kids had a blast.

I am excited to try you "cutest Blogs" website. That looks great!

Ashley said...

Cute kiddies. I can honestly say that I've never been to Thanksgiving Point but next time we're in the area we might have to stop by. Cute family!

Cindy said...

Good job getting the playlist on there! Looks like you've been blogging all morning like i have. i'm still in my pj's...shhh.

Joe, Ashley, and Ethan said...

Hi Kenna,

This is Ashley from cutestblogontheblock! I noticed you have one of my templates. It looks so cute! I just thought that I would let you know that I just recently added an even larger template of this design to my webpage. I think it would look even better on your background. Go check it out. Make sure you use the (W) version. :)


Joe, Ashley, and Ethan said...

Oh yay! I'm loving the new wider background!! Nice job!


krista said...

I love the pictures! The one of Gracie running away made me chuckle, it is kind of scary when those cows just moo so suddenly. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, we can't wait to see you all at Christmas! I love your hair, it always looks so cute:)

krista said...

Oh ya, thanks for the help on the blog, and sorry I'm so computer retarded:)

the landreths said...

Cute pictures. I miss thanksgiving point!

Will you email me your mailing address? Landreth37@yahoo.com. Thanks!!

Kim and Seth said...

Jake, I must say you are looking dashing these days. hahahha

Kim and Seth said...

that last post was seth, fyi :)

Bethany said...

How fun! I love the first picture of Brynlee. It looks like she's winking at the camera.