Friday, May 21, 2010

Gracies's Preschool Graduation

We had our first ever graduation last night when Gracie graduated from Preschool! She had such a wonderful time in preschool and learned a lot too. Ms. Kiley did such a great job all year long and with the graduation night. It started with a program of songs and poems by all the preschool kids. We were surprised when Gracie had a part singing a song about Lollipops!

They recited a poem about being a star, the sunglasses were a fun touch!

We also didn't know that the "graduates" (the ones going into Kindergarten) would be wearing a cap and gown. They even marched out to "Pomp and Circumstance" (is that the right name?)
I had an odd flash forward to Gracie graduating high school and I about lost it. I had to keep telling myself what a fool I would look like if I starting blubbering at a Preschool graduation! Aren't they cute though!

Gracie with some cuties from our ward. The other mom's and I joked about taking the same picture at High school Graduation... wouldn't that be funny!

Congratulations Gracie!!
Now let's make sure High School Graduation doesn't come as quickly and Preschool Graduation did!


Natalee said...

Well you are better than I am...because I KNOW I would have been the "blubbering Mom" at Preschool Graduation! She looks so cute in her little cap and gown! Who knew they even made them that small! :)

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness! What craziness! gracie is so cute and so old. Kindergarten is in for a treat!! Her party was adorable. What a good mom you are. And I love the book Pinkalicious. I have it too. I have a feeling though, that Liam won't take to it as well as your cute girls :D

karajason said...

Congratulations Gracie! What super cute girls you have. I LOVED the Pinkalicious birthday. Great job on the decorations and everything! Have you been painting furniture? I could see a few things in your house that it looks like you have been working on. You have been really busy. You take such wonderful pictures too! Love you guys:)