Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was great this year, even if it was Freezing!  These pictures are all out of order but oh well...here are all our Easter festivities...
 The girls before church in their Easter Duds

 What is it about a front door that just seems to be a classic picture spot?
 When Jake got home from meetings Sunday afternoon the Easter Bunny surprised the girls with a living room egg hunt...he even left Hula Hoops!  

 Then the girls surprised us by doing the dishes after Easter Dinner!
 For FHE the Monday before Easter we of course had to dye Easter eggs.  I'm sad to say that I don't really have memories of doing this with them before...could we really have not done this until now?  They thought it was pretty spectacular!

 Of course Jake had to get in on the action...a solid color just wouldn't do

 This is the first year we did the Santaquin Easter Egg hunt.  They always say that it starts at 9 am Sharp is over by 9:01...they weren't kidding!  They had the kids split into different age groups so Lydia and Jake were over on another field.  They all made a pretty good haul and at least the snow didn't start until we got in the van to come home...where is Spring?

 Gracie, Easter morning after finding her basket.  She was up most of the night I think.  She was more excited for the Easter Bunny than she was for Santa Clause!!!

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Cindy Spratling said...

SOOOOO cute! My thoughts as I read through your post were.... 1) Brynlee is taller than Grace? 2) Brynlee is your TWIN! 3) You and Jake make beautiful children! 4) I'm so happy you only have like 6 1/2 more weeks left till you get another adorable girl!! and 5) I REALLY wished we lived closer!
Thanks for posting!!!