Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gracie's 6th Birthday

Gracie turned 6 yesterday.  She requested a "Red Star" birthday party...not sure why but it had to be stars and they HAD to be red and only red.  We lucked out and stores already had their 4th of July stuff out and we actually found a few decorations that worked out pretty well!  

I attempted my first Fondant cake!  It was fun but MESSY.  Thanks Jake for your time lets not wait until late at night to do it k!:)
Jake even got creative and made stars in the salad...can you see it?!

The girls are really into Pinata's lately...did you know they cost $20?!?!  No thank you...we went the homemade route and decorated a paper bag.  I was worried that they wouldn't all get a turn hitting it before it burst open but I was WRONG!  After about 10 turns each and a half hour later Jake finally ripped the thing open for the girls to get the goodies.  They whacked it so much that the sun glasses and even tootsie rolls that were inside were all cracked and broken!  Who knew a paper bag could withstand so much abuse!

 Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the Fancy Nancy doll and book.  Gracie has been asking all day if she looks fancy:)

Brynlee enjoyed the opening of presents as much as Gracie!
 The favorite gift of the night was of course the cheapest...$3 Real princess lip gloss!  

 DI dress ups!  I must have been feeling really cheap when planning the party because besides the pinata I couldn't bring myself to buy a $20 dress up outfit either.  We found a plain purple dress for $3 at DI  and added a few things to it to make a Rapunzel dress.  The green one we got for $4 and thought it made a pretty good Princess and the Frog dress!  

I can't believe Gracie is 6 and done with Kindergarten!  She is still such an easy going, go with the flow girl which is such a blessing in a house full of girls where the drama level can get pretty high!  She has mostly overcome her fear of lighting and thunder since her teacher told her it was like the clouds were bowling...that seemed a logical explanation...however, strong winds are still unacceptable!  She also does NOT like having her teeth fall out although she has lost 2.  She learned a few weeks ago how to ride her bike without training wheels and is a master Hula Hooper.  Gracie is getting better and better at reading and can even add and subtract!  We are so grateful for Gracie Girl and the Joy she brings to our family.  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl, We LOVE you!!!


Natalee said...

Happy Birthday to Keric's little "twin"...well minus three years I guess! :) What a CUTE party, and what a CUTE girl! I hope one day I will actually get to MEET your cute girls! Happy Birthday Gracie!

Natalee said...
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Jenny & Tanner said...

Oh my goodness! That is like the cutest little party I have ever seen. Way to go Mom! Happy Late birthday to Gracie. We love you!! You are such a fun little girl. We were so happy to see you guys when we were there. Thanks for having us over!

karajason said...

Gracie just looks like a beautiful doll! What an amazing red star party! Great cake too. I can't believe Jake's Easter eggs. Thanks for hosting us last week and can't wait to see some baby pictures when you get the chance. Love you guys!