Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why Do You Love Dad?

Gracie age 6
Why do you love Dad?
  • Because he's so much fun
  • He is Special
  • He lives with us
  • He plays with us
  • He takes care of us 
  • He comes with us when you(mom) stay home
What do you like to do with Dad?
  • Play with him
  • Play Horsies
  • Color and paint

 Lydia age 2 and a Half
Do you love Daddy?
Is Daddy Fun?
nods her head yes

What does Daddy do?
"Have Fun"

Brynlee age 4
Why do you love Dad?
  • Because I love him
  • He plays with me when we ask him
  • He's fun to play with
  • I love him so much because he gives us snacks at church
  • He's so much fun
  • Sometimes he goes with us to the store and buys us new shirts
  • He colors with us
What do you like to do with Dad?
"Hold his hand when we're buying stuff."

Happy Father's Dad to the most wonderful Dad a girl could ask for!  
We love you! 
Love your Girls, 
Gracie, Brynlee, Lydia, Hattie and Kenna:)


Derrik and Claire said...

SO CUTE! What a cute idea, I love the pictures of your girls. I love their comments too, Happy Father's Day Jake! You sound like a fun dad, buying shirts at the store, what a hoot! Ha it's funny what little kids say. Hey, I like buying shirts at the store too:) I'm dying to see little Hattie, I hear she is to die for! I don't know how you guys do it with four little girls, I'm barely making it with out one!:) Wish I was next door so I could help out and take your kids or something! Love you guys!

Derrik and Claire said...

with "our" one :)

Jennifer Cleaver said...

What a fun idea. So cute!