Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011...ER Pie

Thanksgiving 2011 will always  be remembered as the Thanksgiving Jake, Gracie and I spent in the ER.   We had just started our Thanksgiving feast at Jodi and Johns.  The kids of course were done with their meal  in about 7 minutes and were already back outside playing in the backyard.  The adults had just started to dig into our meals when John and Jodi's daughter Megan rushed in to inform us that Gracie was hurt and bleeding.  Sure enough we found Gracie outside on the ground next to a scooter and a frowny faced cut in her chin from the handle of the scooter.  Thinking that possibly we might be able to go to an InstaCare place and avoid the ER we spent the next hour going from place to place only to find that the only place open on Thanksgiving was of course the ER.  Luckily, they weren't busy and we were able to get in pretty quickly.  After the doctor saw her and gave her some numbing cream we had a while to wait before they could actually do the stitching.  Gracie had been very calm since we arrived at the ER and was actually quite happy to be having some one and one time with Jake and I! So, when she suddenly started getting upset and tearing up we were a bit surprised but we tried to explain that the stitches wouldn't hurt and everything would be fine.  That still didn't calm her down.  Finally, she was able to get out what was troubling her so much," I just really don't want to miss pumpkin pie!" she said.  Oh that sweet she is about ready to be sewn up and all she wants is  a slice of pumpkin pie!!!  The Doctor caught wind of the situation and the next time he came in he had a slice of pumpkin pie just for Gracie.  She was thrilled!! She got her stitches and the Doctor was amazed at how well she did and told her she was the easiest kid he has ever stitched up! Now the 8 stitches are gone and she'll have a small scar on her chin for the rest of her life to remember Thanksgiving 2011 and her ER pie!


Cindy Spratling said...

That is so sweet. I would be so proud! Not only about her being brave for the stitches, but proud that she knows what the best part of Thanksgiving is! The pie!

Jenny & Tanner said...

Oh cute Gracie! We love you :D