Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Both Grandma's sure make Valentines Day special and exciting by sending packages!  We were spoiled with lots of fun things and treats!!  Thanks Grandma Smith and Grandma Bennion!  (Thanks to our Grandpa's too....but I'm pretty sure Grandma had more to do with it!!!)

 We decorated sugar cookies for Family Home Evening
 Lydia loved her mask from Grandma Smith and wore it all night long!
 Hattie Loved getting slipped a few bits of cookie too:)

 Valentine Hair

 Valentine dinner

Jake was gone this Valentines with the youth at the temple but he surprised the girls the next morning with fun Lollipops and me with Chocolate strawberries in a chocolate bowl YUM!!!
I'm so grateful for all my sweet valentines!!


Derrik and Claire said...

So cute Kenna. Isn't it amazing how fun it is to get a package from Grandma? Mom was saying, "oh I just send a bunch of junk food, no one wants that!" and I told her its just about the best thing ever to get a package from her no matter what it is!!! Happy Valentines day!!!

Natalee said...

Wow look at you Super Mom!! You sure do come up with some fun and cute activities for you girls!

I love that your Mom sends packages too. I swear I'm more excited about packages from my Mom than Keric is! ;)