Friday, June 8, 2012

Gracie's 7th Birthday...A Barbie Party!

Gracie is officially 7 years old!  We had a fun time planning and having a Barbie birthday party for her.  It was a LOUD couple of hours but still such a fun time!  

 We made these pipe cleaner rings for an activity and I thought they turned out pretty cute!  

 The party favors....made good use of all the baby food jars we go through!
 The life size Barbie box photo booth was a hit!  I wasn't sure they would get into it but we could have done this the entire time!  Some of the poses they came up with were hilarious!!!

 The Candy bar game
 It was just too much party for Hattie girl:)

Happy Birthday Gracie!  
At 7 years old Gracie has become a great reader and an excellent speller.  She is ALWAYS much so that she doesn't realize she is doing it and has to be reminded during prayers and sacrament meeting to stop!  She loves to ride her bike and scooter and is enjoying playing softball.  Gracie it a big help with Hattie and it's so nice that she can pick her up and carry her around with out any trouble.  We love you so much Gracie, Happy Birthday!

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Amber Mullins said...

Hi! Did you find a template for the word Barbie on the photo booth?