Friday, June 8, 2012

Camille's Graduation and Fun at Grandma Bennions

As soon as the last day of school was over we headed up to Montana.  Camille was graduating.  She is the last of 7 and the "Valid Victorian" (yes, I know it's Valedictorian...inside joke:) ) so we didn't want to miss it!  
Camille had a cake, although she didn't know she had until she saw the picture!  The poor girl was so busy with graduation stuff and work we hardly saw her...but her nieces sure enjoyed it!  Notice how none of them could even take their eyes off of it to take a picture! 
 Graduation must have been a real nail biter for Brynlee and Lydia!

 Camille was very involved in Graduation.  She spoke as one of four Valedictorian and also sang in two musical numbers.  She did awesome at all of them!!!

 I was certain that my girls would only last a little while at graduation and I was fully prepared to slip out as soon as Camille's part was over, but they surprised us all and lasted through the whole thing and we even braved going down onto the arena floor to find Camille in the crowd.  Camille, someday when you have 4 kids I want you to remember this so you can fully appreciate how much we love you!!!
We are so Proud of Aunt Camille!  My girls think she is the coolest and want to grow up to be a ballon girl just like her!!! 

 After Graduation Jake flew back home to work and the girls and I stayed a week to have some fun!  I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures amongst all the fun, but here are some that I got.

 Lydia enjoyed pushing Hattie more than swinging herself!

 We sure LOVED having Claire and Elsie to play with!

 2 Tired girls!!!

 Stories with Grandma...Grandma just reads stories better than anyone else
 Out in the Summer sun
Hattie even learned to walk while we were there!  She could take a step or 2 when Jake left to come back to Utah and a week later he was back and she was walking around the house!  

We had such and wonderful time and I think we might have to make it a 1st week of summer tradition from now on!  The girls also loved swimming in the "Hot Pool" (hot tub), roasting marshmallows, and doing crafts!  

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