Friday, June 8, 2012

End of School year 2012...Gracie 1st grade, Brynlee Kindergarden

Gracie had an "End of year" program this year.  They sang lots of songs they had learned all year.

 Lydia was a trooper sitting through all the end of year things this year.  She was fairly entertained most of the time!
 During the last week there was a "Nerd" day.  Brynlee thought that meant they needed to dress up like nerd candies!  I had a difficult time trying to explain what a nerd was...I think they need bring back Saved by the Bell and Family Matters!  Anyways, I thought they made pretty cute Nerds that put Screech and Urkle to shame!

 Brynlee graduated from Kindergarden!  

 We have Loved Mrs. Esquerra!  Gracie had her as well but she will probably be retired before Lydia makes it to Kindergarden:(  

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