Monday, June 25, 2012

Campout June 2012

A few months ago we decided to plan our summer calendar.  We decided that we wanted to do some camping and figured we had better put it on the calendar or it just wouldn't happen!  So we went ahead and scheduled it and I'm so glad we did!  After loading up the trailer and getting it all hooked up to the truck Jake realized the truck needed a break job.  So after going to the store, buying the break pads and removing everything from the front wheels he realized it was the back wheels that needed the pads replaced not the front. SO after another trip to the store for rear wheel pads he got that all taken care of and we were off to find a campsite.  However, about 3 minutes after we left we remembered we needed a lighter or matches so back to the house we went. After leaving the second time we realized we forgot something else and had to go back.  Then finally when were actually heading up the canyon we realized the campsite probably wouldn't take a debit card and had to head back for cash!  At this point we were all about ready to call it quits but we continued on.  Of course by this time it was about 7 pm so when we arrived at the campsite all the spots had been taken and I was starting to wonder why I thought this was a good idea.  On to a different campground!  We arrived at Blackhawk campground and finally had some good luck!  We found the perfect was even close to the bathrooms with Flushing toilets...something very important when you have a 4 little girls!!!!  Finally we could get set up and get these kids some dinner...thats when we saw it, the sign that said "double site, double fee"...seriously, come on!!!  So off once again to find somewhere else so we didn't have to pay double!  Well about 30 seconds of driving around, and kids whining about being hungry now that its almost 8pm and they haven't had dinner, we decided to just pay the extra amount and take the site.  
 Good thing we planned an easy/quick dinner!  Pita pocket pizza, wrap it tin foil and cook in the fire...YUM!

 When the sun went down we turned off all our lights and gazed at the stars.  This is one of my most favorite things about camping, the stars are amazing up in the mountains!  While Jake was showing the girls where the milky way was they saw a shooting star!  Gracie immediately started telling everyone, " Oh we HAVE to make a wish!!!!"  Then she closed her eyes and said aloud, " I wish our family can be  together forever!"  Oh Gracie, what a sweet girl you are!  I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time.  It made all the effort to get there worth it!  The other girls didn't feel it necessary to make a wish.  Lydia's response was, " IIIII wish um Nothing!"  and Brynlee just shrugged her shoulders.  But I hope Gracie's wish does come true!!!!

 Lydia mixing up the pancakes the next morning....and sneaking some "smarshmellows"

 Poor Hattie didn't have a very good night and was very tired and a bit grumpy the next day.  Poor girl...camping is hard when you're 1!

 The next day we went on a hike to "the Grotto". I had heard of lots of people going on this hike so we decided it would be  a good one to try out.  I was the perfect hike, short enough that everyone could do it with out a problem!

 It was a HOT day and it felt good to dip our feet in the cold water at the Grotto once we arrived

 We asked someone to take our picture and then saw and very large shirtless man go stand right under the waterfall...I thought it was funny that the lady taking our picture snapped this one of our reaction to such a site!  

 After seeing the man stand under the waterfall, Brynlee thought is looked fun and gave it a try!  I think it was much colder than she expected and it shocked her a bit but she still thought it was fun.  There were quite a few people there and they all clapped for her when she came out...she felt pretty special.

 Of course Jake couldn't be outdone by his 5 year old so he went for it too!  Unfortunately no one clapped for him....and I'm not sure if he felt special..just cold!!!

 Hattie wasn't that impressed!

All in all it was such a get weekend.  It was so fun to make memories with our little family and hope that at least maybe Gracie and Brynlee will remember it.  We were sad to find out the day after we got back that the campground had been evacuated because of forest fires....glad we weren't there for that!!  We are already planning our next campout!!!

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Cindy Spratling said...

I love it! Family campouts are the best! Wish we had decent weather this time of year to do it. Well... thank you for the name suggestions. Goodness me, where has my mind been? Those were all obviously great names. Especially Murd. Um, so Trampis... seriously? take the last syllable away and then it's not so great. I will say though... I LOVE the name Thomas (after Grandpa) but Ben does not. So... on to more thinking. It really is hard to think BOY when I've come up with so many great girl names. And for the record, I like Henry. A lot.